5DII mainboard corrosion fixable?

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
CameraCarl Veteran Member • Posts: 5,329
Re: 5DII mainboard corrosion fixable?

I'm sorry for your problems.  You can search this forum for more details, but the impression I get from reading posts like yours is that Canon would be likely to declare the camera a loss and decline to repair it. I get the impression that corrosion damage is very difficult to repair and that there is a chance that even if the shop replaces all the components it can find that appear to be defective, there may be more damage that is not apparent. I'd be inclined to ask the repair shop to declare the camera to be unrepairable and let the insurance company buy you a new camera. Then I would buy a $25 rain cover and use it whenever you think the camera might get wet. Only the 1D series cameras are weather resistant enough for me to ever consider using one in the rain or near the ocean without a rain cover, and even then, I use one anyway.

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