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Re: Here's an example of what it's good for

ljfinger wrote:

GregArty wrote:

Sweet! OOhhh dude - Soon as there is a full moon again I'm going to try this (maybe not 1,00 stack though haha) - managed to get a reasonable pic already and struggled with noise a lot so perfect test!

1,000 is done by shooting video for a couple of minutes. In essence you end up with a couple minutes of exposure.

This is from stacking just 9 images. The moon is much better to shoot when it's not full. The low sun angles give you much better contrast near the terminator.

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Lee Jay
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Wow... O_O

That awesome!

and thanks for the advice - so next time there is a clear night and moon in view then ... (to be honest I'll probably experiment whenever I get the chance!)

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