Video AF on a GH3

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Re: Video AF on a GH3

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This is not correct. IS is always on with the GH3 unless you specifically turn it off. It does not just engage when you press the shutter button. No doubt there are some video cameras that have more effective IS, but Power OIS is quite effective in video. Some video cameras also do software (not optical) stabilization which you can also do with mirrorless/DSLR footage if you have the right software.

Video pros do not rely on IS unless it's absolutely necessary. They will use a tripod, monopod, shoulder rig, steadicam rig of some sort.

There is an IS setting that will allow the IS to only operate once you press the shutter button or start recording. I believe it is not the default setting though.

There is such a setting for the GH2, but it's been eliminated for the GH3.

Yes, the full-time IS GH2 seems to have been eliminated. My GH3, IS engages only with half-press and recording - and I see no way a way to change it in menu. Full-time IS with power-on as in camcorders seems just a power-waster to me, not to mention the wear on the lens mechanism.


I believe it's just the opposite.  With the GH3 IS is either on or off.  There is no shutter-press IS option.

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