"Love" My 100-400mmIS....

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Re: "Love" My 100-400mmIS....

qianp2k wrote:

partially a new version seems finally will come in this year with 4-stop IS and rotate instead of push-pull zooming (I actually like it).

Over the years I've read many comments where folks say they don't like the push-pull design. I don't know why, it seems like a good idea (although I've never used the lens). Here's why: if one has to change fl from one extreme to another, on most zooms the ring has to be turned a certain amount - change hand position - turn again - change hand positin - turn again... a lot of movement of the hand and wrist. But on the 100-400 it's one continous movement, or so it seems. To me, that's an advantage.

As far as a new version, that rumor has been going around for years.

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