Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

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Re: Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

My last laptop purchase was for heavy photo editing work while traveling. I looked at the Apple laptops, and presently use a Quad workstation, but they had multiple deficiencies compared to Windows 7 laptops. The Apple laptops with their metal cases weighed 50% more and for what is largely a cosmetic feature. Secondly their connectivity is true Apple - meaning they don't like to share (data). I went with a Lenovo E530 for under $800 with the i7 processor, separate video card, 750GB hard drive, 6GB RAM expandable to 16GB, 24x DVD burner, multiple USB 3 ports, Bluetooth, 1GB Ethernet port, 802.11n wireless, 15.4 screen, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, and Lenovo/IBM service and support.

Anything comparable from Apple woud not have had the USB 3 ports and would not have the GB Ethernet port without a separate adapter cable, would not have had the i7 processor, and would have weighed 1.5 lbs. more. The Lenovo/Thinkpad keyboard is better than any other and this includes the ones from Apple. The Thinkpad trackpoint, once you have used it, is superior to a pressure pad or a mouse and great to have when strapped into an airline seat but wanting to have a pointing device.

Apple is a lot like the Porche, well engineered and great to look at and fast but with limited utility.

Migrating from Adobe products from the Mac to the PC or vice versa is like visiting a lower level of Dante's hell. Hard to believe anyone could come up with such a stupid process. I had to fax (that's right fax) a form into Adobe that was routed to India. Then  India was supposed to fax approval to Adboe in Oregon and that department would authorize the folks in San Jose to ship me the new disc. I spent weeks trying to get this to happen. I have done this before and it was much simpler.

If you do make this attempt I would strongly recommend updating to the latest versions first and then when they are in hand make the move to migrate to the Mac. I migrated my photo editing apps the Mac but had more problems with Microsoft Office and Quickbooks and Outlook and ended up continuing to use those applications on Windows computers.

My quad workstation with its Intel Xenon CPU's is no longer supported by Apple so in the near future it will be retired and I will be 100% Windows again. Apple has a proud history of shortchanging its customers, as with the Apple, Apple II, Lisa, Mac, Intel computers which were not backward compatible, its Apple Talk that only ran at 250k, the original Mac (which I owned) and did not have a fan to keep the hard drive from dying, the iPod that recently was changed with its pin connection, the moves from FireWire to Thunderbolt. Great for its employees and shareholders that the business is now one of selling tablets and phones and music downloads and does not rely on sales of personal computers.

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