DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

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Pot calling kettle...


Arky wrote:

You have managed to post to these forums 2.91 times a day for the last 5 1/2 years but you you don't have time to back up your claims. Right.

Note this is coming from a user who has posted just *13* times in the last five months...

I know which of the two I'd be inclined to believe more.

It's rather hilarious (and rude) that a suspiciously alt-looking account such as yours is using someone's heavily contributing to the forum against him!

You also have no inclination to back up your claims with easily supplied evidence. Hmm...

He posts photos, you could look at those you know.  Yet you expend no effort while asking him to exert himself substantially.  Hmm...

You talk a lot, but when asked to back up your claims with evidence you call it harassment.

No, he calls harassment harassment.  And it seems he has your number cold.

Man up Vitee. If what what you say is true, I will be the first to apologize publicly for doubting your veracity.

Over time I have come to realize the primary goal of trolls is to steal time away from productive people into meaningless and foolhardy pursuits.   Sorry if the productive people have no interest in photographic snipe hunts.  If you really cared you'd shoot your own images and find results of banding to share.  What's the matter, no inclination to spend your own time and effort?

This very thread is a similar attempted time waster, so I'll leave you to it as I've expended all the mental capital it's worth.

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