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Re: RAW, JPEG - bit depth and data loss from using JPEGs

John... don't go in all tangents please. It's irrelevant whether you believe in postprocessing or not, whether you feel it's needed or not etc etc. You also for some strange reason believe that postprocessing exists only tp correct errors made during shooting; in reality its tasks and purposes are way wider. Point is - there is a whole lot that can be done with OOC JPEG, much more than you believe, and the final quality is going to be way higher than you believe. I've done it; a whole lot of other people have done it - you apparently haven't. Books are written for professional retouchers how to do it - think it's only being done for "small prints?" It's not a first time you are jumping to argue about this - you can't possibly believe you know everything there is to know, can you? You by your own admission don't do much PP, so you just are not very familiar with it - just admit it and be done with it...

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