What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: You DO understand don't you . . .

Glen Barrington wrote:

That you have opened up a whole new field for measurbators to value and rate cameras? We are going to be subjected to the opinions of self styled read noise 'experts' telling us why (or why not, not sure HOW they'll fall on this, I just know they'll have a smug, self satisfied, opinion) FF cameras are the wave of the future.

On your head, Detail man, on your head!

Yes, indeed. More is less the closer we may look. As we enter the cathedral of science and the comforting cloisters of electronic consumer technology with all the reverence becoming of a bunch of stooges with too much money and time on their hands, one cannot help but notice that often our imaginations hold more sway than our machines - and we find ourselves prisoners of our own deeply ingrained dreams of primal dominance, bedazzled by the archetypical masks of eternity through which the mysterious and miraculous present themselves to our mere frail and trembling mortal coils ...

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