Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

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Re: Display

Jim Cockfield wrote:

You're not getting it.

Would I buy one? Nope. Not me. I couldn't afford it. But, if he has the money for it, it would be hard to beat.

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I do get it, but I have been editing software on garbage monitors the print very close to what the screen looks like for years before the new displays.

You said it yourself, you wouldn't buy one. I wouldn't either and I would say that probably 95 percent of the people on this site need that type of display to get near pro level resuts (if they have the talent in photography)

Pros have been doing it without high dollar displays. Sure if you want it and can afford it but I would say get better lenses/camera and spend your money on photography school than on a super expensive laptop. But that is just me.

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