CS5 old photo effects?

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Re: CS5 old photo effects?


Dunloveme wrote:

hi Everybody,

how can i make this effect in CS5 ? i tried old photo texture, it just wont help me


There many ways to achieve this. Example:

1. Edit/Adjustments/Curves + Brightness Saturation (Or Levels)
Manipulate the color curves depending on the available color on the original file.

2. Edit/Adjustments/Hue & Saturation + Brightness Saturation (Or Levels)

Tick on colorized and select the proper hue you'd like to use. This one is Sephia~ish, you should drag the hue-color-scale bar around the warm color family (red-to-blue violet)

3. Edit/Adjustments/Replace Color + Brightness Saturation (Or Levels)

Replace the original colors from the photo manually ny either using the picker tool or selecting your own color using the color selector tools.

i tried above setting, not saying 100% color matched but at least i did close to the color i wanted. many many thanks to u

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