Why do posters on here think they are new reporters?

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Re: Why do posters on here think they are new reporters?

Princess Leia wrote:

Push? anyone here placed a gun on your head and forced you to read the topics?

Has "anyone here placed a gun to your head" to continually post them?

'These days' you like to call your threads er . . . . "current events" . . . yet obviously, you only post uh "current events' that suit your close minded agendas . . . almost always with some 'swipe' at the end for 'conflict baiting'.

If some conservative / religious, anti-Global Warming nuts killed 35,000 kids with AR15s, you wouldn't post anything about it . . . or post about it, but find a way to blame Obama or the "Global Warming scam" or your other cliches you go on and on about. Yet if Obama brought them all back to life and gave them the ability to fart gold nuggets, thus straightening out the economy in a few days . . you would say he "shouldn't have played God".

So clearly you are only here for trolling and conflict baiting (with a close mind) for your agendas, otherwise you would be fair across the board.

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