Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Re: I should mention...

BrewLab wrote:

that I did have a pleasant conversation with an elderly gentleman that was shooting a Nikon. About birds, though...he didn't seem the least bit interested in my camera. However, on his way back to where his wife was standing, he walked by the other guy and said, "Canon, huh?", shrugged and kept walking. Too much. I had no idea Sunday fowl shooting was so! Guess that's what happens when there's no football to watch. Oh, well. I hope everyone was as happy with their shots as I was with mine


I was going to mention that in general Nikon shooters are much nicer than Canon users.

But seriously, I think you'll find that in any creative field, whether it's music, photography, fine arts, drama, et al, there is a lot of silly competitive nastiness that goes along with the territory.  Often it's people who are insecure that feel they need to constantly prove they are "the real deal". And to do that often means some feeble attempt to knock someone else down a peg, like the jerk tried to do with you.  The irony is that it's usually the people with the most talent and experience that are the most helpful and humble and vice versa.

All the big four (and others) make superb gear.  Just enjoy it, make the best images you can, and leave all the "mine is better than yours" BS to the clowns who have time for such foolishness.

All the best, and happy shooting, Markus

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