X-E1 vs. 5D MKIII non-scientific comparison...

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Re: X-E1 vs. 5D MKIII non-scientific comparison...

I do own both a XE-1 and Nikon full frame equipment. Frankly, I would like to add a third "camp" here. Those who judge based on what they see looking at a monitor and never print anything (or if they do, rarely if ever go above 11X14).

Owning both, I can honestly say that while I love the XE-1 system, it is no way shape or form a match for either a Nikon or Canon full frame system. Sure on a 21" (or 24", 0r 27") monitor you are going to be very very impressed with the Fuji files. Being that Fuji color is oh so good, they may actually look even better than those from the Nikons or Canons. But do comparison printing of 30 inch prints and then tell me how you feel about the differences.

So, yes I am comparing from real world experiences. And yes I feel that both Nikon and Canon outperform the Fuji. But yes I would say it is not evident at all if only being viewed on a computer monitor.

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