Is sony forced to use their own sensors?

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Re: Is sony forced to use their own sensors?

Loves these questions! As in. Why is GM not using Ford motors?

Indeed, why not? After all, Ferrari will soon furnish motors to Maserati. Oups, same corporate owner.

Some also don't understand the concept of fabbing. As in having a company manufacture chips that it design. Like AMD and most video chip on the market.

They will swear by a brand of TV, not knowing that the screen is made by the company that they decry.

They think that because a company sent out a press release that the product will be on the shelves in a few days.

There the same people who don't understand why one can build an homemade car, suing off the shelf parts, for an hundred grand and why it cost a billion dollas to gear up a plant able to produce them in the tens of thousand.

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