Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Phil Hill Senior Member • Posts: 2,757
Re: My Dell IPS is set to 80 cd/m2

If your display already matches your prints to your satisfaction, then you’re done.  It doesn’t matter how you got there, in my opinion.

There are only two possibilities that I can imagine.  The first is that for your display and work area you’ve managed to nail everything.  Congrats.

Or, your expectations are lower than those of a more meticulous person, so even if your calibration isn’t perfect, it’s working for you.

Either way, I think you’re done until/unless you decide that you want to take the next step and precisely calibrate against an indudstry standard.  Just my opinion, but don't obsess over this stuff and instead start enjoying your printer.

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