The Thread, Is this site getting boring, Moved and then Deleted / Mod note: Answered and locked. Locked

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Re: No not deleted by me.

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

ElginC wrote:

I was not the one who started the thread, but...

May I ask why was it deleted, after moving to the Open Talk by Aleo?

This site is funded by Amazon, and I buy many times a year from Amazon since I don't remember when. This makes me kind of angry about the thread being deleted, you know.

No it was not deleted, I just moved. And I warned the users here. And in a post on the thread.

If it was deleted it was not by me. Ask the moderators there please.

In fact I checked and it was deleted, maybe the moderators there did not liked the thread.

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Says a lot. I think this site is going downhill at a rather rapid rate, but would love to be proven wrong.

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