Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

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Re: My Dell IPS is set to 80 cd/m2

Phil Hill wrote:

At 85 cd/m2 I can very faintly see the edges of number 1 if I switch off the room light. I think.

With my usual room light on, number 2 is the first I can make out. Barely.

Thanks for trying it out!

Hmm, I'm on the same situation but at ~120 cd/m2 ... If I lower brightness any further through Catalyst, I "lose" the first 4, I can only distinguish from 5 and after. Maybe even 4, but barely. That is probably not very good - and also why I need a calibrator.

There is one thing I don't get though: If I lower the brightness a bit through Catalyst, my prints are printed pretty much as I expect them and match my monitor almost spot-on, even in brightness. In that case, what improvement can I expect with a calibrator as far as monitor-to-printer goes? I mean, if my printer (when used with OEM profiles and with Lightroom managed color) is supposed to print a picture the same way (when not edited), regardless of the monitor's settings, what difference (for the better) will a calibrator make, if my monitor already matches my printer (when brightness is lowered)?

This is a concept I find hard to grasp and I feel like running around in circles!

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