7d or 5d Mark ii?

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Re: Basing myself on your current setup....

MAC wrote:

Rene71 wrote:

Thanks Birdman.

I don't have the intend to go for intense bird- or wildlife shooting. So, your advise based on experience is clear, I should go for the 2nd hand 5d Mark ii. It will be anyways a huge upgrade from my 20d I suppose.

Any advise on a lens that can replace my Tamron 17-35 1:2.8-4.0 ? As one of the early repliers stated that my current lens setup will not let the 5d Mark ii sing?




your 8mpxl 20d will not have more reach for wildlife shooting than higher pixel density 5dii.

sounds like you have your mind set on 5dii

but as Donald Duck said, unless you can afford some great glass, then 5dii makes little sense.

great primes sing on 5dii

for what you described, I still maintain that a 60d with great glass will be more economical and in the end give more

unless you are willing to buy two or three great primes for FF - eg :

sigma 35 F1.4 art

100L - 4 stop IS

24 f2.8 IS

but that is $2400 just for glass plus the $1300 for 5dii = $3700 total

instead, I'd get $700 - 60d. $650 - 15-85 - 4 stop IS (harbour), $289 35 f2 (indoors, children at f2.2), $350 60 f2.8 macro (ropes); $400 100 F2 (gymnastics); and $200 kenko 1.4 ext (wildlife) with your 70-200 -- in order above if you cannot afford all at once -- and run free magic lantern with live view on the 60d - and run lightroom on modern pc = $2600 total (more powerful overall)

For me this is madness, it's like saying that a 5D II with a 24-70 L is useless or a 5D II with a 24-105 L is useless just because it's f2.8 or f4, this gentleman is taking a very wide range of hobbyist photos he is going to get a huge subjective leap by simply moving to a high resolution full frame like the 5D II from a 20D.

Primes are very nice but they are not essential, he already has one of the best Canon zooms on the planet one that is the equal of many primes and that covers a good part of the kind of field of view that anyone would want.

He possibly needs an additional lens or two to cover the rest of the standard and wider end but no way do these absolutely have to be primes, he can collect good primes later, but two of his existing lenses will give him great results right now, one of them will give top of the range results and will also as a result give him a clearer idea of what is lacking in his 50 f1.8 standard lens.

None of the really good affordable wide and standard EF glass sits comfortably on 1.6 crop the effective focal lengths are always slightly uncomfortable (I mean more the zooms than anything else) he's got reasonably good glass and can move forward on EF rather than investing further in EF-S.

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