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Re: Expose to the Right vs DR Auto, DR200, DR400

baobob wrote:

The way I look at it is that -2 of highlight preservation preserves the least amount of highlights, 0 a medium amount and +2 the maximum amount. Likewise for the shadows. So, the neutral setting would indeed be -2. As 'neutral' as the engine allows, anyway. If you look at the tone curves, I can see though where the notion of positive and negative comes from.

Sorry, but ...you are wrong see below the page DR of DPR review :

Using -2 -2 is the blue curve

+2 +2 is the yellow brown curve

0 0 is the standard tonal curve



It's all in the way one looks at it. Another way to look at it, is that the blue curve (-2) has the largest dynamic range. '0' next, then +2. -2 won't throw away anything, so it's the baseline, whereas both the 0 and +2 settings result in a loss of information. With respect to tonal curve, one can see 0 as the middle ground, but I think in terms of data loss that would not be correct.

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