Cheap 7-14mm went unsold on ebay

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Because 4/3 market share is soo low the chances of coming across a demo item that has been abused is extremely rare imo especially today where even fewer retailers even carry 4/3's gear and if they do they'll carry maybe an e5 to try it out on. Even in photography mecca here in nyc where b&h is located I seldom ever see people trying out 4/3's gear, EVER. When i worked at a camera shop during the height of 4/3's, ONE person came to try out a lens during my 2yrs of working there. I reckon the employees played with the gear far more than the customers did, at least those who were even curious to try olympus in the first place.
When it comes to canikon gear though. . .much of it can pass through many hands as everyone is going to carry gear for those systems, there is more demand and canikon have a constant line-up of several bodies not to mention a huge 2nd hand market and so these lenses can possibly pass through many hands, many bodies and many demonstrations.
Anyway, if the place is reputable and offers a guarantee than really I see no reason to be paranoid. Life's too short to worry about stuff you have little control over.

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