Samsung EX1 and NX1000

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Re: Samsung EX1 and NX1000

Zoran K wrote:

Beautiful images.

I am always amazed from the performance of my EX1.

Me too!  I made a pack with myself to not buy any new digital cameras, but the EX1 broke that agreement.  The price was down when I bought my first one and down even more when I got my second one.  Yes, I liked the EX1 so much I bought a spare at a sweet price and tucked it away in case something should happen to the first one.  Most of the time these cameras are throw-aways when something breaks so I wanted a spare.  The reason I like the EX1 is the color output.  It reminds me of my old Oly E1 in that respect.  The lens/sensor combo of the EX1 is plenty sharp, but not a harsh sharpness.  More of a smooth sharpness.  As for color?  It has what I call a solid, deep color output.  Not saturated, but solid.  Like comparing a watercolor painting to an oil painting on canvas.  I'm back to shooting film for now and doing printing in my wet-darkroom so the EX1 is a handy travel camera to compliment my film shooting.  It's all I need at the moment.  JohnW

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