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Re: Stripes

SigmaChrome wrote:

Why? To what purpose Roland? So that IF you did find some so-called "stripes" you could do what, exactly...? Heap more criticism of Foveon...? To what end? You don't even own a Sigma camera - so you have no stake in it - ipso-facto - you have nothing to gain OR lose by continuing you're endless critique. So for me it would be a waste of time, at best. So I’ll decline.

Nope. No plans at bashing.

I do it for four reasons.

  1. As an investigation if I want to buy a Merrill camera, or not. I would not accept stripes as soon as I decided to enhance shadow detail. Then its a no buy.
  2. Because I am interested to see what this stripes problem really is about. Its rather mysterious.
  3. Is it something that can be fixed?
  4. If cameras varies in this problem, is there then a method to measure if the camera is defect or not. That would potentially be a great help for those that might have defective cameras. A good argument when contacting Sigma for a replacement.

Regarding waste of time. Its mainly my waste of time. I do the work. You can just upload the images somewhere where I can fetch them.

And I will ask all that uploads images if they wants to be anonymous when I present the result.

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