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Re: Has nothing to do with reality

Anders W wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

Those Oly results are funny. Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes, ok tired now, nap time.

Yes, that's a good summary. Luckily, DonParrot has posted some nice examples of what the E-M5 can do with the latest firmware and used right. Here for example:


P.S. I think I have finally figured out what went wrong when they tested the E-M5 (and perhaps the E-PM2 as well, though I haven't looked at the details of that yet).

My first thought was that they had mistakenly used the high-rate burst mode of the E-M5 (9 fps), in which case the camera will only AF for the first shot and then just keep shooting as fast as it can. That fits perfectly with the extraordinarily high firing rate at the beginning. But why would it, in that case, suddenly "get tired" (as you put it), and start firing at a much slower rate towards the end of the series.

What I initially overlooked here is the fact that it "gets tired" for the simple reason that the buffer is full. That happens after precisely 16 shots in my experience and, when I counted, that's precisely the number shown by the FNAC graph before it slows down.

So they simply messed up the test completely by using the wrong (highest fps) burst mode. Had they chosen the slower mode (about half the fps), the camera would surely have stood the distance without filling the buffer and kept AF-ing for significantly better sharpness towards the end of the series.

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