As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:

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Re: As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:

chillgreg wrote:

In case you haven't seen this tragedy:

and my reply in the comments:

"Very sad. Sad that these old, tired Japanese executives are in of charge of young enthusiastic engineers, designers and artists.

Their 1970's mindset combined with spending all day poring over reports from bean-counters and market researchers, has mired them some place a looong way from the ultra-fast paced world that is 2013.

Little wonder that cameras, and Panasonic are amongst the most guilty here, are released in barely out of beta state, with critical design flaws both software and hardware.

Mobile phones have gone from 1.3MP plastic lensed junk to 8-18MP sapphire-crystal (a la Rolex etc) lenses and advanced BSI sensors with super advanced software and dedicated processing hardware, in just a handful of years.

Apart from a (measurable) improvement in noise and operational speed, how far have compact P&S cameras really come in the same time?

Not forgetting that most people never actually pay for their always-with-them and way good enough for instagram/facebook posting smartphone cameras.

This gentleman is sad proof that we may see major and serious changes in the camera market in the coming decade. With monoliths like google, Apple and Samsung sitting on billions each on cash reserves, the fast-going broke Fujis and Lumix divisions have a limited shelf life as independent companies.

Yes very sad, but can you recall seeing the Chief Executive, the big kahuna, of any major multinational corporation seeming so clueless, lost, despondent and utterly blank?"

What do you think?

No what he says is pretty clear and I can follow what he says and see some of what he says

the same way.....

Of the three options for the future compact cameras he sees smaller sensors with brighter

lenses as the mosst viable option...

Nikon sees it just like that too....... and thats not always what some enthusiasts want.. if you look at

the G1X from Canon or the RX1 from Sony......

If you look at the FZ200 its the same philosophy..... small sensor and fast lens....

Panasonic has to look at the sales figures because if it doesnt its going to be more in trouble

then it actually is right now and yes all camera manufacturers have a hard time right now.....

The small compact camera market is declining......


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