Why no Nikon D4 Review?

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Re: Why do you care?

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

José S wrote:

Well, its just that its a flagship camera and every other flagship camera has a review here. Sorry to upset. I like the job DPreview does with its reviews.


Sorry if my reply came off harsh, it wasn't my intent. Absolutely no offence taken.

The 1DX hasn't been reviewed either, so not every other flagship camera (nor the most relevant in this case), has a review.

All I'm saying is I really don't see what it can add. Especially with cameras like the D4 and 1DX, nobody is going to be switching systems over them, so if you have Nikon lenses, you buy the D4, if you have Canon lenses, you buy the 1DX. Both are the best of the best for sports shooters, or those demanding a truly "pro" build.

There are lots of other well respected reviews, comparisons, etc. out there and the DPreview review would just regurgitate much of that.

Is there something you feel you would get out of a DPreview review at this point that you could not find out through user experiences or other avenues? If so I'm sure we could help you find the answer without having to wait for Dpreview's review.

I´ve seen reviews in print media and both cameras were just one point way from each other...

some favoured the Nikon some the Canon..... nothing realy dramatic.....

My personal review from  about 50000 expüosures is that the camera works without fail....

I sometimes have a problem with the image review it sometimes doesnt work but that a minor glitsch.... other then that no problem...

even in low temperature... Its an awsome bread and butter camera.. and if 16MP is enough for the

job you are working on its about the best camera you can get....

If size is an issue get something else......


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