Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Joe M.
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Re: Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

Great Comeback.

I would have probably said, " OH YEAH. WELL, WELL, YOUR MOMA"  I am terrible at comebacks....

I was once taking Photos of a Local Fire Dept a group shot.  I asked them what size print they wanted, They told me the Largest I could print.  Well I decided a 11x17 would be sufficient enough.  They were having someone else mat and frame it and was going to give it to the Chief that was retiring.  They had someone else make a brass embossed plate a Thank You for all his years of service.

So I told them I wouldn't charge them except for the ink I was going to use.  I figured I would use my Epson 1280 Printer and I charged them I think $50 or so I can't remember exactly.  The only pro camera I had back then was the D770 which you all know was a 1.5mp camera.  I had just purchased a 7mp P/S Cybershot can't remember the model number W series I think.  My F707 I could have used, but after doing some test shots with the W P/S made some panos with it I figured it would do fine higher MP for the Pano and a nice Sunny Bright Day.  So I charged the Batteries up and the next day took some shots.  Well the Fire Dept is right next to literally a few steps away from the police dept.  I had all the fire crew stand infront of the Large Ladder Firetruck which was parked parallel infront of the Firestation showing the Name of the City Fire Station.  I started to take photos, well a Barney Fife walked out of the station and asked what kinda of camera that was using, I said a Sony.  He said you want to see his camera I said sure.  Now he brought out a Nikon or Canon I honestly couldn't remember and it was one of the $4000 or $5000 units.  He said now that's a camera I said yeah true but so is this one, I asked is that your personal camera he explained no it is the dept's.  I said oh so you didn't buy it the Tax Payers did he chuckled abit and said yeah I guess.  I left it at that.  I told the Firefighters in the Station.  Remember it isn't the Size of your lens its how you use it, most thought it was funny except the one Female Firefighter on duty.  I went home and printed the photo and dropped it off at the Framers and they said it looked great and thanked me.  I also gave them a CD with Every Photo I took Free of Charge. Which I had done the last time I took photos of them during a Controlled House Burn I used my D770 then.



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