G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

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You're really saying you have the OMD for IBIS

junyeu wrote:

Hokie One wrote:

I am looking to upgrade from an EPL-1 to either a G5 or the OM-D (or EPL-5). ... I have limited use of my right hand and the EPL-1 is hard for me to use comfortably.

I had the G5 and replaced it with the OM-D. I thought the G5 had better handling and ergonomics which is why I got it first. It's a good camera overall but since I shoot mostly in low light it's not really useable even as a second body imo. The OM-D can produce results similar or even better than full frame bodies with its excellent IS. So even though the G5 technically has a better grip, the olympus is more comfortable to use since I don't have to force myself to keep extremely steady and sometimes I even have to hold my breath. I only use primes on m43 so it may be different if you have lenses with stabilisation.

Shooting with primes with no OIS, you need the OMD's IBIS, junyeu. Beginning and end of story.

BUT that might be a tip for you, Dave. Maybe the OMD's IBIS (and less so the E-PL5's, its IBIS isn’t as good) is what could push it over the line for you.

On the other hand, if you use Panny zooms on the G5 with OIS built in, that will give as good a result as the OMD and its IBIS 98% of the time.

Black cats in coal cellars are considered an exception! 

Cheers, geoff

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