EM-5: Confused by Auto White-Balance results

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Timur Born
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Re: Auto White Balance is magic, and magic can go wrong ...

gollywop wrote:

Yeah, but it really isn't this way, Timur. It doesn't get in the way of your shooting at all.

My whole family is getting in the way of shooting them. Remember when people had the patience to stand still and maybe even say "Cheese" for a photo? Nowadays photography is everywhere and anytime, so people don't think about staying put for a second any longer.

You just shoot away just exactly the same as you normally would. Then, when you get a moment (either before the shooting or after), shoot the gray card in the relevant lighting(s). In processing, you then transfer the WB obtained from the gray card to the related images. It really isn't difficult or encumbering in the slightest. Don't knock it till you try it. And it sure solves the WB problem.

I already got me that fold-out thingy, so it's not like I didn't know. It's more a question of getting used to such a workflow, especially when you really ain't a "photographer" (yet or ever). The two reasons for me to get the equipment was to get better than smartphone quality pics of my growing kids and curiosity about the tech. I had some contact with film photography earlier in life, but that's long ago and I headed into different directions.

The WhiBal card (credit-card sized version) is easy to carry and completely adequate.

Yeah, I should get me one of those, too. But then again, I am a man who likes to go without any bag or encumbrance (you won't find a big key-chain or stuffed wallet on me). One of the main reasons to get the X10 first and only then get something "bigger" especially for indoor shooting situations.

I use 5000K° fluorescent full-spectrum CFLs, such as you can get herein all sizes, throughout the house. They're not that expensive, and they are now shaped properly to fit in most "standard bulb" fixtures. You can also get them in dimmable versions, but it does require an appropriate dimmer switch for them to operate properly.

I thought about these for a while, but my wife despises the cold light and in Germany we are all used to having warm light (2900K) in our homes. Anything 4000K and above is usually only found in workplaces and stores (with some exceptions for fashion, vegetables and meat). Generally it is said that you need more light to make "daylight" temperatures look "right" and somewhat comfortable. Of course, that's perfect for photography, but not necessarily for living in it.

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