49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

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Re: 49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

GaryW wrote:

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tell me examples! hoya

i really hate removing and putting lens cap on my lenses, hence i use uv filters, and do not use lens caps....uv filters for only protecting my lenses from finger prints, hard impacts so on...however, in good light, i never noticed even minor IQ drop, but in the nights, they causes flares...

citiwide : too bad,, they're flare king.

hoya : tends to flare too,

hama pro class : very minor flares,

b+w : like hama, it still has very minor flares,

heliopan : worse than hama and b+w.... these are my experiences...

These sound like more reasons not to bother with a UV filter. I read a long time ago that you can put the hood on and consider that that offers some protection. Considering the high cost of a "good" filter, it's hard for me to justify on my inexpensive lenses, and on an expensive lens, would I want to compromise the IQ at all?

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Gary W.

I use the Canon 28 to 300mm L lens. It comes with a very impressive looking lens hood. But if the lens hood does not vignette at 28mm it does nothing in the way of protecting against flare at 300mm. If it did work effectively at 300mm it would vignette badly at 28mm. So I leave a Heliopan Digital filter on the lens at all times for both protection and improved colors.

The above effect will also be true of any other zoom lens with a hood, unless the hood is adjustable or you use a compendium. A non-adjustable hood on a zoom will always be designed for the widest focal length of the zoom and never for the longest focal length.

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