Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

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Re: Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

jtoolman wrote:

Did you do any density and or color correction to your images inside darkroom?

If you monitor is too bright, you likely darkened them and if the color os a bit off, then you likely also adjusted that. So even though you seem that used the correct method of printing with an ICC profile, the condition of the image sent to the printer was based on having been edited on an uncalibrated monitor. Thick of it like a diagnostic intrument. If it is not calibrated to a know standard, how could you rely on the results reported by the instrument?

Well, when I was letting the printer manage the colors pretty much all pictures, whether I had edited them or not, tended to be a little darker and just "harsher" when printed. When I used ICC profile for my paper (which, by the way, I did exactly the same way as in your very informative video ) pictures came out far better, just a tad darker which I pretty much expected, as the monitor is a little brighter. Don't get me wrong, when using a profile pictures don't come out off-color or worse or even unpleasantly dark, they are just a bit darker when compared with what I see on screen.

Well since you never did mention you print out of lightroom, I did not know so I made my tutorial through Photoshop.

Here is a vid I did on printing out of lightroom to the R2880.

The instructions should apply to R2000.

In the new vid I also calibrate the monitor with the color munki so you can see the process.

I will send you the link tonight.

I'm really sorry for not mentioning Lightroom - my mistake! The process you show in your video is exactly the same one I follow when printing with my R2000.

So the question remains: Is it really wrong to slightly reduce brightness through Catalyst? At least until I get my hands on a calibrator?

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