Best tripod head for BIF... Dead arm syndrome in full effect

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Re: Best tripod head for BIF... Dead arm syndrome in full effect

qianp2k wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

Get a gimbal head like the Manfrotto 393 Heavy Telephoto Lens Support for Monopod or Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head.

That's what I use also but usually I mount upside down so the lens suspending from the top. It's cheap. However it's big. The largest problem is that it unable to hold still on a heavy lens such as 500L as two snubs are not strong enough and you cannot fasten horizontal rotations as well (there is no snub) for a moon shot for example, not a problem in shooting moving subjects however. It also interferes left side of the lens a little bit where all buttons locate. Personally I'd buy a gimbal head such as Induro GHB2 if I start from scratch now.

The key to the top two nuts holding the lens, is to make sure the lens is balanced front to back.

On bottom rotation. I took off the rubber cover on the knob at the base. There is a hole under it. I used a 2.5mm allen wrench and loosened the allen nut inside the hole.

This allows the the top of the knob to unscrew from the bottom of the knob (the part that attaches to the tripod/monopod).

But, more importantly it allows you to tighten the top of the knob down further and lock it to keep it from rotating.

I'm going to look for a small brass or Aluminum rod to put in the hole in the bottom of the knob to allow it to be easier to loosen and tighten that fitting, and ensure it's tight on the tripod/monopod. If I find one I'll post a photo.

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