Best moderate priced telephoto - (also posted on DSLR Lens site)

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Re: Best moderate priced telephoto - (also posted on DSLR Lens site)

Myer wrote:

I really don't want to be hiking carrying a monopod with a camera on the end.

I'm considering a harness.

Also, I believe the 100-400 is old IS technology and will be replaced by a newer moder within the year at a much higher price.

I started a very informative thread on the lens forum where comparisons were made between the 55-250, 70-300 non "L" and 70-300L.

Several other crept in but a lot of good info on that threa.

I was in Glacier National Park last summer with my daughter. I stopped on a hike to take some shots and started to jog to catch up with her. I tripped on a rock or root and went flying.

My T2i and 15-85 lens were hanging from my neck. I pretty much landed on them. I was sure I had a problem. I spent about an hour cleaning the dust and dirt caked on them. There's a very, very slight squeek at one spot in the lens but everything seems to be working fine.

I was a bit beaten up with crapes on my face, elbows and knees.

Sorry to hear about your tumble.

Glad both you and your gear avoided severe damage.

I wasn't talking about leaving the camera on the monopod while walking, but, instead using the monopod as a walking stick, and putting the camera/lens on when ready to shoot.

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