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Re: Why I switched to an OM-D

qianp2k wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

My hunch is qianp2k is not familiar with recent m4/3,cameras and thinks they focus like live view on some DSLRs (slowly).

His tendency to post photos of various things as examples that m4/3s has trouble with is laughable. Having seen the work of many of the photographers who post to this forum I just end up shaking my head at the disconnect between what qianp2k thinks m4/3s can do, and what can really be achieved.

I am quite familiar with the development of mFT and mirrorless in general. I played E-M5 for a while in pdn PhotoPlus show along with NEX and G5, GH3, EOS-M...all major mirroless. E-M5 CDAF is fast no doubt but GH3 is a bit faster. However I still experienced noticeable lag of EVF refresh and slow down after initial few burst. CDAF still much lag behind against some surfaces that lacking of enough contrast or under reflection lights or under dim light, no mention fast moving subjects. In short still not at the levels of PDAF and OVF.

If you're familiar with them, then why do you keep posting non challenging photos as examples of what m4/3s can't do. eg: the waterplane photos from the last thread.

As I've said before. The photos you are posting are nice. They're good photos, but they're also not much of a challenge to the current batch of m4/3s.

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