Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Re: Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

Meh...ignore the guy that's criticizing your post. I thought it was a fun story.

I'm always surprised at the gear snobbery, but at the same time I almost expect it. If some of you think this forum is bad, I dare you to go look at a car forum. You want snobbery, it doesn't get much better/worse than that.

Personally, I shoot Canon. But I also like Sony. And Nikon. And Pentax. And Kodak. I really don't care what the brand is - does it shoot photos and can I use it? Yes? Good, sign me up. I've always shot Rebel bodies, and the looks I get from the people who clearly spent $3k just to look professional are hilarious. "Oh, is that a Rebel? Yeah, I'm shooting a 5D..." or " "Oh, I'm shooting a D3s..."

Best one ever is I was snapping a few photos here and there at a friends wedding, and the photog told me to "get out of the way and let the pros handle it". My photos are in the collage on their mantle, not the ones he took with all the expensive equipment - those are in books in a closet.

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