Canon 70-300 IS USM vs 70-300 L IS USM

Started Feb 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 70-300 IS USM vs 55-250

Right now I have a 15-85 for landscapes and a 55-250 that just doesn't focus well enough and / or isn't sharp enough at distance for any cropping.

Before my last trip I decided I would always have the tele lens with me and I spent a few evenings practicing changing lenses. I got pretty good at it and I'm glad I had both lenses.

You never know when wildlife appreas and it did.

I just hope the heavier 70-300L doesn't feel like a truck. It's not physically that much larger. So hopefully 40% more weight than the 15-85 will be ok.

I'll try it at a store in the next week or so.

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