Using a C-Mount to get to 12MM

Started Feb 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP bedhead Regular Member • Posts: 363
Re: I don't think so.

When i carry my EASEL into the woods, its' way more than 12mm.

Ever heard of PAINTING?  yeah didn't think so.

I get that a 24mm lens has less curvature than a 12MM lens, but it doesn't bend the light that much more, right?

12mm doesn't make the light RED.  It shifts it more to Violet!

I'm just trying to get to a FOV NEAR AS I CAN to a 35mm 24mm lens without spending $500.

It seems like i should be able to do this, without having to trick a Full-Framer into running away from the pretty butterfly. and stealing his two-ton kit.

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