Open Source RAW processor supports every m43 cam

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Re: Open Source RAW processor supports every m43 cam

Detail Man wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

Here's an interesting read. It is the RAW processor used in my photo editor of choice, PhotoLine. I've been surprised about how quickly PL catches up with new camera output. Now I know! Not that i use it much since I shoot JPEG 99.3765% of the time. (That percentage is now on the Internet so it must be right!)

Cheers, geoff

Dcraw is famous and exist for a long time, the thing is it is command line based. It works well. But only a few that are really used to Dcraw can do the things fast and well.

I have used it, but nothing like to see what you are doing on other programs.

But it gives good results. I think the first versions of the Raw Therapee used Dcraw, don't know if they still use it.

Raw Therapee is also very good for a free program, and it is simple to use. And it can convert also many new cameras without having compatibility.

The ultimate free and non-invasive implemeation of DCRaw binaries into a full, real-time preview RAW/TIF/JPG processor application, RAW Therapee 4.x at:

I have the latest version, they have improved much over the older ones. It is amazing what they offer for Free.

... had been updated fairly recently (Nov of 2012) for various Linux OSs, but the stable Windows 32-bit and 64-bit releases still have a few outstanding issues before new releases (which has been projected to have occured recently, but may be delayed by one of the main developers, "Oduis" with his "Visual Bakery" page, stepping back from involvement):

The most recent (stable) builds for Win 32/64 is version (released June 29, 2012). It uses one of the first releases of DCRaw binaries for the E-M5 (which has an error in the WB color-matrix coefficients which skews WB Temp and Tint when using the "Camera Settings" Color Management mode option).

Have tried a couple of more recently released (experimental) builds for Win 32. The E-M5 WB issue is resolved, and users seem to rave about the newer NR that Emil Martinec contributed development work towards. However, I have yet to be able to achieve better results with it (maybe I have not figured out the new NR controls well enough, though I surely have experimented, and seem to end up with mire image-noise). More importantly, the two builds that I have tried do have some irritating stability issues (on my WinXP 32-bit system, anyway).

Nevertheless, the available Windows versions are still well worthy of using. There are some things about the interface and controls that I prefer (relative to the newer builds tried).

Good information as always DM.

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