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Re: Why I switched to an OM-D

Anders W wrote:

So what fast normal prime other than the old and so-so 50/1.4 that you use would you recommend for Canon FF users?

There are several options of Canon fast primes instead of 50/1.4 that still has nice bokeh BTW if you stop down to around F2.5 for portraitures, at least very sharp in center at F2.5 that only matter in portraiture.

50L/1.2 - the best Fifty arguably and very expensive of course. It has the best bokeh at F1.2 and still can AF of couse (insted of choosing MF Zeiss if they also have 50mm).

Sigma 50/1.4 - that certainly better than Canon 50/1.4 at wide open.

Canon 50/1.8 II - faster AF, pretty cheap but also needs to stop down around F2.5 to be sharp.

new Sigma 35/1.4 art - the best and sharpest 35mm on FF at this moment, beats both Canon and Nikon 35/1.4 and much cheaper.

new Canon 35/2.0 IS - the 2nd sharpest only after Sigma 35/1.4 art at 35mm, and has 'IS'.

BTW, the reason those new non-L prime with 'IS' are expensive is that they are new that just released to market within 6 months. Their prices will go down significantly after 1-2 yrs.

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