GH2 at low ISO is fine

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Re: No, but...

BigBarney wrote:

Inkheart wrote:

Has anyone ever said it's not?

... there is an almost inevitable trend in some postings here to suggest that unless you use the most recent release then you are somehow working with less than adequate equipment. I still shoot with a GH2 and like the OP find that at low ISO it produces wonderfully sharp and colourful images. Yes, I'd love to buy a GH3 tomorrow, but my personal finances do not run that far.

For many years in the days of film I shot with a venerable Canon AE1 SLR and resisted the temptation to upgrade it to Canon's latest and greatest offering. I preferred to invest in FD mount lenses and on honing my technique.

That was my first SLR, after I bough an A1, and after I changed to Nikon F3 and FM2. But both brands are good.

I remember to have a fantastic at the time Canon FD 17mm and the 200mm f/2.8. Really good lenses.

While it is often interesting to read about what can be achieved with an Olympus OMD E-M 5 or a Panasonic DMC-GH3, you do not have to invest in these to still become a competent photographer with older m43 equipment.

True, I still use a G2 and a GF1, but I am working more now on pro photography again and I am tempted to get a GH3 and an OMD, or a GH3 and a G5, still have to decide when I can save some money for those, it is a big investment now for me, because I also like to have the 12-35mm and 35-100mm f/2.8.

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