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Re: Expose to the Right vs DR Auto, DR200, DR400

baobob wrote:

As far as I can tell, the least biased settings are -2, not 0. -2 means no (or very little) of what the parameter is referring to. For example, sharpening -2 means no sharpening. It does not mean 'negative sharpening', i.e. blurring. Likewise for the other parameters.

I was talking about setting of highlights and shadows, not sharpening. For these two the neutral setting is 0, see the detailed menu not the Qmand also read the DR page of the DPR review of the Xpro1

-2 for shadows pushes shadows where -2 for highlights reduces highlights and 0 sttings correspond to the native tonal curve at a given DR setting

You are right for sharpening

The way I look at it is that -2 of highlight preservation preserves the least amount of highlights, 0 a medium amount and +2 the maximum amount. Likewise for the shadows. So, the neutral setting would indeed be -2. As 'neutral' as the engine allows, anyway. If you look at the tone curves, I can see though where the notion of positive and negative comes from.

It's mostly semantics. And it's confusing people, because it's easy to assume that a negative setting actually takes something away. In this case, one could assume that -2 of highlight preservation actively sacrifices highlights, which is not really the case.

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