Does such a thing exist: Non-twist camera plate for quick release systems.?

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It gets better Re: THANKS and here's a Review Re: Non-twist camera plate for quick release systems.?

Hank3152 wrote:

Wow, not only is that an interesting review and clever modification, but I admire your tenacity to even find such a plate.
However, having a 1D I would have just bought a single dedicated L-plate from RRS and be done with it...........

The problem with dedicated Arca Swiss plates for a 1D camera is that they cost SERIOUS money. I bought three universal dual compatible (Manfrotto and Arca Swiss compaatible) plates for about the same price (or less depending on brand) as it would have cost to buy a single dedicated 1D plate.

Also, there were no suitable universal Arca Swiss plates for my old Sony R1 (the large ones were too large, and irritatingly make the camera, to which they are attached, run from front to back in an Arca Swiss clamp rather than from side to side). I also own microFourThirds gear and the Arca Swiss plates don't work at all well with my mFT cam if I also want an anti-twist feature (because the underside of the cams, measured from front to back, are so shallow) That then left me with the option of modifying the Manfrotto plate for fitment on the Sony cam and using another Manfrotto plate for the microFourThirds cam.

The dual compatibility camera plate attached to a 1D means that I can use the 1D in a heavy duty Arca Swiss tripod setup and also on a Manfrotto head without having to remove the camera plate.

I like that flexibility.

And hey, it gets better .............

Because I now have a clamp that is also universal and can accept both Manfrotto plates and Arca Swiss plate. Here check it out: Desmond DBA-1 60mm Screw Clamp Arca & Bogen 3157N Compatible for Tripod Head This is on eBay USA, but I bought mine from a UK seller Camera Gear UK who seems to have sold out of the product.


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