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RicAllan wrote:

mf999 wrote:

I have d7000 and use a nikon 300mm f4 lens for BIF.

Many of the birds come in pretty close.

If I get D600 or D800 I still want to use the same lens.

My question is if I take my 70-300 lens and set it to 200mm on my D7000 am I getting the same affect as if I was shooting full frame with my 300mm f4 lens so that I can see what it will be like?


The D800 yes, the D600 NO...

The crop factor is really a function of how much you can blow up the image to retain the same resolution... with the D600 you'd want to set the lens to 245mm

I think he was talking about angle of view, not pixel density, in which case the answer is "yes, the D7000 at 200mm is approximately the same angle of view as the D600 or D800 (or any other FF dSLR) at 300mm. I'd differ on what the "crop factor" means, it is simply an angle of view reference and always has been, irrespective of the pixel count of the cameras being compared.

With the D600, you'll have less pixels (about 10.2MP), but certainly enough for a good image at an APS-C crop size. With the D800, you have about 15.3MP, which is just about the same as a D7000 (the difference between 16.2 and 15.3 is meaningless). In terms of pixel density, you essentially lose no "reach" if you look at it in terms of pixel density) with a D800, it's like having a built in D7000 when you crop to APS-C size.

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