24 f2.8D on D7000?

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Re: 24 f2.8D on D7000?

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Has anyone used the 24 2.8D on a D7000. I'm after a 35mm equivalent prime for my D7000. Any thoughts on image quality, focus speeds, handling, examples etc. appreciated.


I stayed away from the Nikon 24/2.8 and opted for a used Quantaray-branded Sigma 24/2.8 Macro to pair with my D7000. It's a tad sharper in the corners and allows for 1:4 macro shooting. It's a little slower/louder to focus, but not by much. You can find them on ebay and such, usually for less than $100. The Nikon costs more and performs worse, especially on FF. The only con to the Sigma design is how it behaves on the D7000 in particular. It never did this on my D700 or F75, but on the D7000, you had to sometimes unlock it from the mount and then lock it back to get the contacts to start communicating. Once its on and communicating, I've never had it STOP until I unlocked it from the mount to change to another lens. I've heard of several users having this problem with old tokinas and tamrons too with the D7000, but its really not a big deal; it just takes a couple seconds longer to attach the lens.

Like the Nikon lens, you need to stop down to f/5.6 to reach peak resolution, but the Sigma at f/2.8 is still reasonable, even on the 16MP D7000 sensor.

This flickr set was shot in 2010 in NYC, a few days after I bought the lens. All shots are at night and @f/2.8.

NYC 2010 (D7K + Sigma/Quantaray 24/2.8)

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