First Practice shots with my FZ200

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Re: First Practice shots with my FZ200

Me Tarzan wrote:

I say you did a very fine job. The flickers are my favorite in this thread and the landscapes are also beautiful.

I don't know how much you know about photography but if you'll get an ND filter, you can turn that water into liquid glass. Lots of fun.

Also, keep in mind that it's better to underexpose than overexpose. Shadows [to a degree] can be lifted in post processing but overblown areas translate to lost, unrecoverable details of the image.

I'm looking forward to your next set of images.

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Say Cheese!


Thank you! There were many poor ones. I love the flickers as well.  They seemed to have no fear of the larger Pileated, but still very skittish with people.

No one had ever mentioned an ND filter before in the threads I've read. I'm using a B+W UV Haze protector.   Are some brands recommended for this camera?  Looked at Amazon and there are many brands and the price range very wide.

I'm still learning. How would go about underexposing an image? I realize it needs to be done before i snap the shot, but not real clear on how to prepare the settings to underexpose.  I imagine that would be a combination of shutter speed and ISO?


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