Studio light rail systems?

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Re: Studio light rail systems?

Wilbur T wrote:

I use the Photogenic master rail system and 5 Studiomaster lights in my studio. The freedom it offers has been much appreciated over the years especially when using any of the lights for hair lights (no cables, no booms etc). My setup covers an area 20 x 40 with a 12 foot ceiling. If you plan on doing extensive studio work a rail system has been, at least for me, the answer. I will be retiring this year and will sell much of my studio equipment. Let me know If you want any specific details about my rail system.

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Hi Wilbur,

Thanks for the input. Good to hear the positive comments re. your rail system.

I went to some of the websites listed on the Photogenic site, but couldn't find any of their rail systems. B&H, Adorama, Calumet-- nothing. Perhaps stores like Calumet are now just rebranding?

Sounds like you have a very nice setup in your studio. You're in PA?


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