Anyone go from a Canon S100 to the RX100?

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Anyone go from a Canon S100 to the RX100?

I did.  I was never happy with the colors on the S100 nor the way it would shoot at very low shutter speeds and not pop the flash.  I shoot in raw on the RX100 and the files are considerably better than the S100 both out of the camera and in post processing. HD movies are better than the S100 as well with none of the stuttering that I had as I panned the S100.  The interface for shooting in s, a or m mode is much better on the RX100.  I found shooting indoor sports in s mode while bumpint the iso up manually to work very well when I did not use mulit area metering but went to spot metering.  Not only are the files and results significantly better than the S100 but the interface is far superior imo.  I have used the Canon elf models for years and found they are far behind the RX100.  It's a backup to my Leica M9 and for my wife to use on our travels.

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