Another pair from the X-E1 and the Canon 5D MK III...

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Another pair from the X-E1 and the Canon 5D MK III...

Here is the link on Flickr:

The shots are of a house in my neighborhood. The backstory is I was re-checking the calibration on a couple of Canon lenses to my 5DMK III body and decided to shoot a pic with the X-E1 just for the heck of it.

Both cameras were tripod mounted and the 17-40mm L lens on the Canon was set to 25mm. I realize there is a difference in focal length between the shot made with the Fuji 18-55 zoom set to 18mm. The Canon shot is a bit wider (about 2mm), but I tried to keep the general framing approximately the same otherwise. This example is also perhaps a bit more "normal" for what many people might photograph as compared to my truck shots from a couple of days ago. Sunny skies here, no heavily processed colors or localized color adjustments in this example. But, again, I am processing to personal taste here in an effort to see what I can squeeze out of each file not what each can produce straight OOC.

Both cameras were also set to f/8 in this case and ISO 200 was used for each shot. Shutter speeds are quite a bit different, but that may have more to do with the metering systems than anything else. In any case, there is a half stop of exposure reduction applied to the Fuji file in the Develop Module of LR 4.3 to equalize the exposures so that they appear approximately the same. Both were shot in aperture priority mode.

As I explained in the earlier post, and most people realize, different camera sensors record colors differently and so the color adjustments applied to each file are also different because my goal was to try and create the most pleasing and natural color from each shot so that I could then look at them and compare their respective strengths and weaknesses. Not trying to pick a clear winner, just curious.

Noise reduction was left at zero for both shots. At lower ISO settings, I typically try to keep from applying noise reduction since it does impact fine details. My take here, is that the Fuji seems to put out a slightly cleaner file. Maybe if the Canon were set to it's base ISO of 100 it would be a toss up. At any rate, I know that with minimal noise reduction applied the Canon file would easily be as clean as the Fuji and the difference is not huge anyway, but it is there. At anything less than 100% viewing on a computer it's not significant to me.

The smeary, "watercolor effect" of X-E1 photos in fine details like foliage has been discussed a lot. Hopefully, Adobe will address this in a future LR update. I, for one, am committed to using LR for my work and will not be trying other software even though better results may be attainable. For what I use my X-E1 for at this point in time, it is not a big deal to me, but it is an issue to be aware of. I've shot JPEGs with the X-E1 and I always come back to deciding I can get better results (to my liking) if I shoot RAW files. The fine detail smearing is there, yes, but otherwise I just prefer the "elasticity" of the RAW files when making other adjustments to the final images. I have yet to print large any of my X-E1 images so my thoughts on the fine detail smearing may change if it becomes an issue in gallery-sized prints. I see my X-E1 as being a camera I will use not for my commercial side of the business, but more for my fine art pursuits.

I continue to be impressed with the Fuji 18-55mm lens. It seems to be pretty consistent across the whole frame where my 17-40mm Canon L zoom gets decidedly softer near the lower corners of the frame, especially the right corner. I have been aware of this for many years, but it kind of jumps out when seeing images side by side. Of course, this is not a deficiency of the 5D MKIII camera itself, just a shortcoming of the lens which is otherwise a decent performer. Both lenses do exhibit some color fringing near the edges which I have largely dealt with in LR, but some is still there. Again, unless viewed at 100%, I do not consider it an issue for my purposes.

Other than that, not a lot more I care to add at this point. Just posting these so anyone who might be interested seeing something besides the usual test scenes can get a better feel for the X-E1 image quality at full size and compared to another top camera with a decent lens. I like and use both cameras and am not trying to convince anyone of complete superiority either way. Different cameras for different uses (at least for me). It's a great time to be a photographer.



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