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GF1 vs. DP2

Here is a comparison with my faithful Panasonic GF1. I've carried this GF1/20 combo around for over 2 years. They both have a VERY similar focal length (~ 40mm). Image quality is "good enough", and it seems to never break down I've dropped it even a couple of times

In my biased opinion, neither Panasonic or Olympus have introduced anything better than GF1 in the last 3 years. Panay GX1's image quality is not much better (DR is about the same), OMD has better IQ and DR, but the UI is awful.

I don't get these manufacturers, if they put the GH3's sensor in GF1's body without ANY modifications, they would sell a boatload of them Did I say I was biased?

DP2's image quality is certainly better than GF1. The DR, highlight rendering is much better. GF1 wins in video, and overall usability (I do have other lenses for it). And, I can pocket the DP2 They both focus slowly However, you have much better focus placement with GF1. GF1's lens is almost 1 1/2 stop faster. Most importantly, in certain light and if focused correctly, the DP2's image quality, and pixel sharpness is in a totally different league !!!

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