Leica M9 v's Fuji 100 and others - Print quality

Started Feb 12, 2013 | Questions thread
jpartlo Senior Member • Posts: 1,066
Re: Leica M9 v's Fuji 100 and others - Print quality

Hello - I'm lucky enough to own and use both the M9 and the Fuji Xpro and if your question really is about print quality I have to say that there is very little in quality terms for large prints up to A2.  There are many other aspects of camera use that should influence your choice.  For my part I have been using the Fuji mostly of late.  I find focusing the M9 with the 90mm lens to be quite challenging whereas the autofocus on the Xpro has improved with the latest firmwares and for my kind of photography (no sport or action) it is a very good choice.


jim partlo

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