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Re: a good 3D Program on a Computer.

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Carsten Pauer 2 wrote:

I want to get a dSLR that can recreate images like this:- http://www.dior.com/cmsimage/pj/41/05/b7/3c/prestige_background4018092484221094074.jpg

I was looking at a nikon d3000. What do you think?

I "Think" You can do this with a good 3D Program on a Computer.

At a cost of about $1,000 per item to generate a 3D model. Hardly something someone making one-of-a-kind, under $20 items can afford.

The most Product Photos are Generated from a Computer and not from a Camera.

No, they certainly are not.

They are for some major accounts that do this. IKEA made news recently when they switched to 3D modeling for their catalogs, but they.re a huge operation and build 3D models of all their stuff to begin with, as part of their design process. Same with the auto companies.

I doubt they use the original CAD models.  But for an Ikea catalog, you would essentially have to fully stock and furnish dozens of homes and offices to do a proper photo shoot of their product line.  So 3D artists are cheaper than  real estate, contractors, decorators, movers, assemblers, etc.

But, yeah, for certain kinds of clothing or purses or small items, you can rattle off a half a catalog in an afternoon for relative peanuts.

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